Recipe for Men who Can’t Cook

Romantic Mancipe

Simple, but Romantic, Broiled Salmon which can metabolism and her libido!

You want to romance your wife?  Nothing says I love you better than food.  Oh wait – that’s for men.  For women, it’s different: romance to her is when you think of her and do something romantic for her that takes some effort.  This kind of romance will make her feel loved and will fill her emotional libido – and, in this case, her belly, too.

You will need:

  • Fresh salmon fillets
  • Four small cans of chicken broth
  • Fresh French bread
  • A bagged salad

Stick the salmon in a baking dish (like Corning ware) with a lid / tin foil over the top, pour the chicken broth in until it is just over the top of the salmon and put it in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.  Set the timer.

About 5 minutes before the fish is done, toss the salad in a bowl and mix it up. Are you nice guy or pretending like one?

The salmon will turn out perfect – make sure it’s cooked by cutting a thick part of it and checking to see that there is no clear gooeyness in the middle.  It should be tender and juicy.

Set the table, put the salmon on a serving plate (minus the broth), the salad, and the bread on the table.  Don’t forget something to drink.

Viola!  A romantic dinner with about 10 minutes of work!  She’ll love it (provided she likes salmon).

And as always include candles or dimmed light and some nice calm background music.

Romantic Tip – A Different Use for Flowers

Romantic Flowers on the Bed

Some time tonight, get some romantic flowers – nothing expensive, just something colorful and romantic.  Keep them in some water and keep them hidden (like in the garage or something – but make it someplace cool).

Now to romance her: in the morning, wake up early, cut the flowers off the stems and scatter them on the bed (around her pillow and along the sides of her body).  Then just go about your morning.  When she wakes she will be surprised and happy with her romantic surroundings (just make sure she’s not allergic to the flowers – HA!).

She’ll feel special and she’ll feel loved.

Now let us get into fact?

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