About Me

I have suffered of slow metabolism. I’ve been there and let me tell you, it’s not fun being on a diet, losing a few pounds and then gaining them back almost over night.

For some it is easy to lose a few pounds and for others it can be close to impossible.  Some people have different body types, tyroid hormone variations, and different level of stomach enzymes and muscle mass. Everyone’s body works in a different way. If you have a difficult time getting rid of weight, then the solution is to work a little bit harder with your diet.

I tried this 3 weeks diet program. Why don’t you?

Diet can have an extreme impact on your metabolism. Certain foods can either slow down your metabolism and make your body gain weight or it can speed up your metabolism and help you burn calories and fat. Protein, carbohydrates and fat play different roles. Protein increases your metabolism; carbohydrates control it and fat depending on the type of fat (like carbohydrates), amount and timing of ingestion can increase it as well (i.e. omega 3).  A balance diet is always important. We have to ingest 30-35% of our daily caloric intake from fat. Fat keeps our skin, hair, brain function.

The importance of having regular sex

Improving your sexual performance will improve your desire to have more sex and this will in turn improve your health. Heck yeah! The healthiest kind of sex is sex on a regular basis. My recommendation is once a day, or at the very least 20-23 days out of 30. This supplement called maleexta did wonder for me! Recently I’m hearing something good about Vitamin b3 which is know as Niacin. More info here.

Sex is a enjoyable metabolism booster

Foods that work as metabolism boosters are foods that are high in complex carbohydrates or protein. We use up more calories to break down complex carbohydrates or protein therefore it takes a lot more energy. Fruits and vegetables give us the most complex carbohydrates. Another well-known foods that work as metabolism boosters are: cayenne pepper, ginger, and cinnamon.  B Vitamins, especially B-12, will help fuel your energy levels. 

A metabolism diet requires a lot of water.  Cold water is a metabolism booster. Make sure to get lots of water, green tea and the occasional coffee.

Finally remember, exercise has a great effect on your body’s ability to burn calories. Any type of exercise is a metabolism booster.  exercise is the only real way to lose weight forever.

Why boosting metabolism is a proven weight loss method:

Weight loss occurs when the body can burn off more calories in a day than it consumes. This is affected by two factors: how much a person consumes in a day, and how active the metabolism is at breaking down and burning off calories.

For this reason, it is obvious how important it is to boost the metabolism and keep it running at a healthy, efficient level so that you can help your own body to burn off as many calories as possible and result in the highest maximum weight loss attainable in a healthy manner.

In order to better understand how this occurs, one must first understand how the metabolism works. The metabolism breaks down food and nutrients to be used by the body. When not eating, whether you are exercising, sleeping, or even being lazy, the metabolism is still working and burning off whatever is available, whether it be recently consumed food or stored fat, in order to keep the body running.

Quite obviously, a more active metabolism, spurned by exercise and healthy eating, will result in more fat being burned throughout the day in order to keep the body running smoothly which will result in healthy weight loss in the long run.

Many believe that herbs or fat loss pills are the key to burning fat, but this simply isn’t the truth. In most cases, these alternatives will result in only minimal results and can be damaging to the body when abused. These methods are seen as “easy-outs,” but when burning fat is issue, there is no such thing as an easy-out.

Studies have proven that there is really only one way to lose weight in a healthy way, and that involves the lengthy experience of having to pay attention to your diet (try to consume fewer calories and eat foods that boost the metabolism), drink more water (water keeps the body healthy and clean and also helps to keep the metabolism working at a smooth rate), and exercise daily in order to both burn off calories that way and to keep the heart pumping, which will result in both a boosted metabolism and healthier blood levels.

These factors combine to clearly show why boosting the metabolism is such a proven weight loss method. Time and time again it has been shown that boosting metabolism, combined with a healthy diet, will result in weight loss simply due to the fact that the metabolism will constantly be working behind the scenes and will constantly be burning off excess fat in order to keep the body working smoothly. Therefore, boosting your metabolism will result in both a better looking as well as a healthier body.