6 Sex Position For Boosting Metabolism!

Burning fat by boosting metabolism by way of sex is really sounds amazing, isn’t it? I bet you would love to have sex to lose weight!There are many reasons to try new sex positions which step beyond the boundary of what you may be used to. The first is sexual excitement. By trying new positions, you can add a new level of sexual excitement to any sexual relationship.

Remember, it is not necessary that you perform sex only in one position every time you have sex. It is said that variety is the spice of life and it also applies to sex as well. In this article, we discuss some better sex positions so that you can practice the same with your partner. It is very necessary that you be careful while experimenting with a new position. You or your partner may not be comfortable with a new position or may be feeling hurt. It is recommended that you stop performing the act immediately.

The following is a list of different sex positions you could experiment:

1) Man on top

Main advantage for man. There are over a dozen variation for this position. It is the best fat burning, metabolism boosting and muscle building sex position because man has to generate strength from his core muscle group.

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This is one of the most common, bread and butter sex position for most couples. In this position, man gets on top of the women and they come face to face. Majority of the couples start their first sexual act with this position. However nowadays, people consider this position to be old fashioned and look for better sex positions.

2) Woman on top

70% advantage mainly for woman as she has to to constantly squat. Man has to deploy his core strength to hold her weight

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Woman on top is the most delightful sexual position enjoyed by almost all men and women alike. This is one of the more preferable positions today. For a man, it provides the opportunity to lie back and enjoy the ride! For a woman, it provides the opportunity to be sexually assertive while she gets exactly the stimulation and arousal she needs to reach orgasm. It is a very powerful sexual position!

3) Sitting

Almost equal amount of effort from each partner. Allows couple to sense and feel love and affection. The only disadvantage of this position is penetration is not easy if you have a small penis. Penis can slip away from vagina if you thrust too much!  Women with plus size boobs gets better breast pressure and stimulation.

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Sitting sex positions tend to be restful and gentle. A couple can engage with each other emotionally. She may wish to ride him, either gently or fast, though she may get tired quite quickly if her leg muscles are not used to the exercise. A big advantage of sex in the sitting position is that the couple can rest whenever they wish, perhaps kissing and cuddling until they are ready to resume thrusting. It is also easy to switch from sitting sex to just about any other position.

4) Standing

This is an adventurous sex position meant only for fit couple. If you aren’t fit enough you can easily break your back. In theory it looks like only man puts effort. However atleast 40% effort comes from woman. Deeper penetration and warm breadth can be too much to handle. It is a sure fat burner!

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This is one of the most difficult positions as both the partners are standing. Penetration may become difficult and since most of the women are shorter than their partners, they will have to stand on the stool to get into a better position. The partners may hold each other during the act to get a better

5) Side-by-Side

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In this case, the partners lie on their sides on the bed. The only disadvantage in this position is that one partner has to keep his legs above the legs of the other partner and as a result the other partner may get cramps after a while.

6) Rear Entry

Rear entry does not mean anal sex. During penetration the touch and feel of anus and anal gland gives immense pleasure to both partner. For most men this is “forever last” position. Although it is not a serious fat burning position, couple can burn lots of calories slowly!

spooning to boost metabolism

This is the most sexual of all sex positions. In this case, the man inserts his penis from the rear end. This means the woman has to kneel on her knees and then the man enters from the rear. This position doesn’t require muscular power and doesn’t burn lots of calories. However, it is one of the great early morning starter. Before having breakfast or a bed  coffee have sex.

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